The First

Inspired by the many brilliant blogs out there I’ve decided to take my first gingerly steps into the blog arena. It’s almost as scary as the PvP arena in WoW, perhaps even more so, since it’s not just my gameplay that can be bruised (by smashing defeat), but my writing as well.

So, without further ado, here it is. The First. As in, my first blog post here at “O Gnome Where Art Thou”. (Brownie points if you get the reference!)

I will be writing about World of Warcraft first and foremost, but I don’t have a personal blog so there may be times when I jot down the personal thoughts about other topics as well. If you were looking for a personal blog with lots of topics about my outfit of the day (jeans every other day, so I swear it would get boring quickly) and long nights out with my friends (does evenings in Stormwind count?) you will be disappointed.

If you’re interested in reading about my adventures in WoW (unadulterated and unabridged), sprinkled with a bit of real life bits and bobs – we might end up getting along well.

To allow anyone interested to get to know me (and because I am a disaster with About Me pages) I will kick off the blog with Saga’s 20 Days of Challenge. I figured it may be a good way to introduce myself, as well as give me some topics to write about, along with all the other things I already have planned.

That concludes it. The First. It’s done, and I appear to still be standing despite my nerves. All in all, that’s a good day.


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