A Gnome With a View

I’m in a semi-casual guild I guess. We raid a few nights a week and we’re expected to show for those nights. I’m starting to think that I have a different view of this than other people in the guild though.

The way I want things to work, is that people show up for raids. We currently raid maybe 50% of the times we’ve scheduled raids, and that’s on a good week! We have some people who can’t always be there, which I can understand. Real Life, Jobs… all those things.

However. Maybe if you can’t make at least 80-90% of the raids you shouldn’t be in a raiding guild? Or be in a more casual one?

I sort of want to recruit new people who can raid those nights. It’s only 3 nights a week, something that should be easily doable for anyone who really wants to raid. As long as your schedules match, or you can make your schedules match. I miss a raid now and then too, but it’s not often because I schedule my plans with friends and family on nights when I’m not raiding. After all, the majority of nights in a week I’m not raiding, so it’s not too hard. I realise with an evening shift at work you can’t do that. But then why can’t I recruit someone who can raid when you’re not there?

I’ve argued about this with fellow officers and we all have very different views. I want to recruit more people so that we raid more often (this is not a new thing, it’s not like people are suddenly a bit less active, it’s been going on since the expansion hit, and even before), and if that means that on some nights we end up with more than 10 people signed up, I’m happy to rotate people out.

Some officers don’t like this at all. They think that sitting people out is a bad idea and will make them leave the guild. I think that if you leave the guild because you’re rotated out (and the only reason you are is because we had to recruit to be able to raid when you’re not around!) then gtfo good riddance.

Why should I, who want to raid on all of the scheduled raid nights, have to sit around and twiddle my thumbs every time time to see if enough people show up? What is so wrong with having someone sit out once in a while?

In a raid the other day I even had a guy complain that we got started late with raiding this expansion. The thing is, we weren’t raiding the first couple of weeks or anything – but we weren’t really late. We weren’t early, but we were far earlier than some casual guilds I know. The only reason our progression was slow was because people weren’t online to raid!

You don’t kill bosses when you’re not raiding. You don’t raid if people aren’t online. It’s difficult stuff to wrap your head around, isn’t it?

Now, where can I find some good gnomes raiders when I need them?


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